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The Little Hero Company was set up in 2015 and focuses on three main activities:

  • Superhero training activity classes for two and half to five and half year olds.

  • Action packed party entertainment.

  • Working in nurseries and schools to provide fun-filled sessions that focus on physical and mental development in these precious early years.


Lucy, mum of 2 boys, started The Little Hero Company in 2015, inspired by her eldest son Dylan, who was constantly racing around the house pretending to be a Superhero!

So, she thought - why not create a fun, safe arena for kids with their wild imaginations to practice being Superheroes properly!

Exercise, imagination & play, whilst exploring the idea of how everyone can use Superhero powers to do good in their everyday lives. Superhero Training and The Little Hero Company were born!

This vibrant concept continues to grow and develop year on year, enhancing this great platform to support kids in their learning, using the most fun games and considered strategies as possible.

Lucy’s passion for The Little Hero Company and what it stands for - ‘Creating Confident Kids’ - grows with every single Little Hero she meets and has the joy in teaching.

Lucy Cardell | The  Little Hero Company | London

The Little Hero Company has wrapped the practical elements of the Superhero Training around the Early Years curriculum to deliver a taught session. This sets us apart from others as we aim to extend a child’s learning through their enjoyment. Delivering fun sessions that incorporate elements of the 7 areas of learning, provides an enabling environment to support a child’s learning and development. The best bit is… it’s so much fun, the kids have no idea!

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